Sworn translation in Vigo

Our agency has the most qualified professionals to do any task related to translation. These are the main services offered by Traducionstam


We translate all kind of texts, technical and legal as well as literary. We have a team who have vast knowledges into different languages and that allow us to offer a professional, accurate and quality service. The translations we do are accurate and within the estimate deadlines

Legal texts

We translate legal texts and documents from one language to another. These may be public and private, depending on organism and business that have issued them. Having been written by professionals, they contain many technicalities that are not used in everyday life. So it can be extremely complex. For that, it is important to translate and interpret them as rigorously and accurately as possible. 

Technical texts

We translate documents that contain specialized terminology of particular profession or branch (telecommunications, chemistry, engineering, construction, automotive, electronic, metallurgic, etc.)  such as user guides and owner’s manuals. Translating these kind of documents, requires a intervention of a professional, as they contain many words that not used in everyday language.

Literary texts

We translate books and literary texts into other languages. This kind of translation is different from the previous two. Their main difficult lies in the extension of books, because they can include few paragraphs to a thousand of pages. Moreover, the professional in charge of this task must translate texts accurately, but without removing the characteristic beauty of the book in its original language, which often requires some adaptation.

Legal interpretation and review of translated texts

We collaborate as interpreters in legal contexts to facilitate communication between speakers of different languages. In addition, we do a rigorous review to ensure the translation is correct

Language courses

We also teach different languages as second foreign languages. We offer courses for all those interested in learning and practising a language. 

Sworn translation French- Galician – French

And others collaborative combinations. We do sworn translation (sealed and signed by sworn interpreter – translator). These have a official status vis - à – vis  public bodies and authorities. 

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